About Dr. Tawade

Dr Yashwant V. Tawade is a senior dermatologist in Pune and is practicing since more than 32 years.

Born on 8th June 1951, he achieved his medical graduation (M.B.B.S) from B.J. Medical in 1974 and completed his D.V.D. Pune as well as D.D.V. Bombay in 1977.

He completed his M.D (Skin) in 1978 and since then is dedicated to the field of Dermatology.

He also received training in Laser Technology under the eminent guidance of Dr Kauffman , —- University, Germany in 1998.

A Prolonged Experience

Dr Yashwant Tawade started his career as a Lecturer in B.J Medical college for about 2.5 yrs and also worked as an associate professor in SRTR Medical college, Ambejogai.

He started practicing in Dermatology since then but also made it a point to share his knowledge and experience by staying in touch with the education field. He worked as associate consultant and professor in the renowned KEM Hospital, Pune for a period 1982 – 2000. He is also a Post-graduate teacher for Pune University and for National Board.

He is attached to KEM hospital, Pune and Maharashtra Medical Foundation,  Joshi Hospital.

Positions Held

He is handling the responsibility in the position of a Head of the Department (Skin) in KEM hospital since 2000 till date.

Worked as a Scientific Chair person in ASICON 2004, Cuticon 2010 and participated in conducting the workshops at various national conferences.

Work Done

  • Vitiligo Research Project in  KEM hospital for about 16 years (1982 – 1998). This research work was done for more than 1000 patients and the basic research was on Itealogy, Pathology and treatment.
  • He has done one of the pioneering works in  Epidermal cell culture and Melanocyte culture in collaboration with National center for cell science.(NCCS)
  • He is an advisor to Shweta Association (Self help group) for Vitiligo patients
  • Contributed as a Consultant during script writing  of an award winning Marathi movie –Nital” with the story based on the skin condition as Vitiligo and produced by Maya Tulpule and directed by Sumitra Bhave


  • Dr A V Lonkar state award 1991 for epidermal cell culture
  • Vishnupriya Devi National Award for Suction blister technique for Vitiligo 1993


  • Written two books on Vitiligo in 1988
  • Co-Author in a book named ‘Social Aspect of Leprosy’
  • Written six chapters in 5 books on different subjects in Dermatology
  • Published various articles in various journals

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